Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thrift Shop Inspiration

I'm an avid thrift shopper, but I'm very anti-clutter. Sometimes I see things that I think are really cute, but I have no idea how I'd use or display them. One thing that falls into that category is globes. Sometimes they're not in the best shape, and being at the thrift, you can bet they're out of date as well. So what to do with them?

I think this idea is awesome:
Chalkboard Globe Makeover

So of course, I made one for myself. I found a similar globe, only $3, with a plastic meridian. I didn't want to shell out for the chalkboard spray paint, and honestly, I wasn't turned on by the black globe. Martha to the rescue--she had posted a recipe for custom chalkboard paint. I just happened to have a big jar of "teal elementary school chalkboard" paint in the cupboard. Add a dash of unsanded tile grout and I was in business.

First off, I painted the globe with a couple of coats of gesso just to seal the paper. I followed that with 4 coats of the chalkboard paint--one layer horizontal strokes, one layer vertical till the coverage was good. I was using a cheap disposable foam brush which did leave a few brushmarks, so on the final coat, I went over it lightly with the rounded edge of a hydra sponge. It definitely gave the paint a smoother finish.

For now, the globe is living on the kitchen island, but I'm sure it will move through the house as the Halloween decorations are put away.