Sunday, September 7, 2008

Handcrafted assignment book

Yet another fantastic project from Club Scrap! I seriously love the colors of this month's Cyprus kit, and the bookbinding project is awesome! This book measures about 5x7 and houses an assignment tablet inside as well as a pen holder and pocket.

What you can't see is my salvage effort on the front cover. I tried to apply a rub on quote from a company who shall remain nameless. Unfortunately, in spite of rubbing so hard I was denting the chipboard underneath, the darned thing refused to release. As I pulled the carrier sheet back, it actually tore up the paper! Thank goodness I get the extra "Pound of Paper" in my Club Scrap kit. This gave me some extra scraps on which to rubber stamp an appropriate quote and cover the damage. Ahh, as they say in papercrafting, there are no mistakes, only opportunities for embellishment! Nearly everything on this project was in the kit, I only added a couple of stamps, a tag, and two little bits of fiber.

I know I'm gushing, but I can't get over the value of the Club Scrap kits. What would you pay for this project at a craft store, $20 or more? Or if you take it as a class, $35? Then consider that on top of this project you get an entire scrapbooking kit for 13 pages, right down to fibers, titles and tags, brads, beads, embellishments, a stencil AND complete instructions for making those pages. When I add in my extra pound of paper and the shipping charge, I'm spending $41 and change. Seriously, I feel like I'm stealing!


1 Crafty Gal

Love this book and I have to LOL because my 11 year old came home from school and said her Art teacher told here there are no mistakes in Art, only happy accidents. :0)